Dive Sites

1. San Isidro MPA [ hard & soft corals, turles, large fish and good macro] day or night dive

2. San Antonio [wall Dive to 30 mts, hard & soft corals, large areas of stag & elkhorn corals]

3. Little Lembeh [great macro site, nudibranch, ghost pipefish, seahorses etc]

4. Malitbog Pier [macro site, also has large schools bait fish with spanish mackeral and jacks and mandarin fish] day or night dive

5. Jacks Place [macro site, nudibranch, sea snakes, small out crops of coral on sand]

6. Concepcion (Bruno Secret Garden) [macro, blue spot stingray, nudibranchs and ghost pipefish etc]

7. House dive sight [sand merging onto reef, many fish and hard & soft corals] day or night dive

8. Bunga bend [wall dive to 30 mts hard & soft corals ,sea fans gorgonia coral, subject to strong current, best dived on slack tide. Many species of fish]

9. Bulauarte [wall dive best dived in slack tide, frog fish, nudibranch and many species fish etc.]

10. Peters Bend [wall dive to 30 mts good corals, fish, also subject to current]

11. Voltaire [wall dive to 30 mts good corals, seafans, whip corals and sponges and many fish]

12. Max Climax [spectacular wall dive with resident large snappers, banded sweetlip and hard & soft coral]

13. Padre Burgos Pier [great night dive site with seahorses, frogfish, stargazers and other macro subject]

14. Taancan [Long wall dive to 30 mts, excellent corals, diverse marine life, turtles etc]

15. Limasawa Island [4 dive sites, varying from wall dives to sightings of whale sharks *seasonal only*]

16. Napantao [wall dive, one of the best sites in Sogod Bay, varied marine life with large schools of pelagic fish, subject to strong current, best dived in slack tide]

17. Ghost town [macro dive sight on sand with sightings of mimic octopus, nudibranchs and other macro subjects]

Equipment - Price Per Day
Full Set (Flashlight not included) PHP 800.00
Regulator PHP 250.00
B C D PHP 250.00
Wetsuit PHP 120.00
Mask/Snorkel PHP 80.00
Fins PHP 80.00
Booties PHP 60.00
Flashlight PHP 220.00

WhaleShark Adventure Tour
Whaleshark watching Includes Snorkeling gear Includes, Sanctuary fee Includes, drinks and Meals Includes, a few hours snorkeling PHP 3,500.00

Scuba Dive Rate
Dive Type (Day and Night Diving)
Scuba Dives (Tank and weight) included
Drinks and snacks included
Sanctuary fee included
Dive Guide included
Shore Dive:
PHP 1,200
Boat Dive:
PHP 1,400

Scuba Dive Course Rate Padi Dive Course
Discover Scuba Diving
Duration two hour
PHP 3,000.00
Scuba Review Prerequisites open water diver or above
Duration three hours
PHP 3,000.00
Open Water Diver Prerequisites -OW-15 years of age
Duration 3 to four days
PHP 18,900.00
Advanced Open Water Prerequisites open water diver certification or the equivalent from another agency
Duration 2 days
PHP 13,900.00

Scuba Courses Rates
Emergency First Response Prerequisites none
Duration one day
PHP 5,900.00
Rescue diver Pre requisites Emergency first response. Rescue diver 15 years of age
Duration 3 Days
PHP 17,000.00
Dive master Course (on application), depends on desired Materials and if any rental equipment is needed
Duration 10 to 14 days

SPECIAL RATE for Groups of
Minimum 6 DIVERS
Please contact us for further infos

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